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The Taxable Investor’s Manifesto

This new book is written for every investor with taxable wealth and every advisor who serves them. Working at the intersection of investing, tax and estate planning can be worth millions more dollars to you, and with a high probability of success. This book shows you how.

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Choosing Your Estate Attorney

By Stuart Lucas and Josh Kanter

This two-part article, published by Family Wealth Report, provides a roadmap for choosing an estate planning attorney, asking the right questions and making the right choices. A well designed process will also give you better insights into your own aspirations across the business, financial and cultural dimensions of your family enterprise.

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Think Like a Private Equity Owner

By Rodney Goldstein and Susan Lucas

This two-part article, published by Family Business Magazine, advises on how to build on the inherent strengths of your family business.

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Multigenerational firms should avoid culture and business 'conflation'

Family Business Magazine

In this essay, published in Family Business Magazine, Rod Goldstein discusses the often-experienced family culture and business conflation"—the melding of a family-owned business's cultural and values requirements on the one hand, and the objectives of the business on the other, and how business owning families can mitigate this potential challenge to sustained business and family thriving.

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Capital Allocation In Complex Family Enterprises

Parametric Portfolio Associates® LLC

A wide-ranging interview on capital allocation, governance, estate planning and ESG in family enterprises during the COVID crisis. Stuart Lucas was joined in this interview panel by two seasoned family office executives.

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A Conversation With Stuart Lucas

The Skorina Letter

Stuart Lucas discusses the advantages, pitfalls, and strategies for building an effective family office in this interview with Charles Skorina. How can a family know whether they need a family office? How can it maximize its value for the benefit of its owners? How can a family bring rigor, discipline and accountability to their family office, to safeguard and grow their assets and reinforce their culture and values?

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A New G4 CEO

Family Business Magazine

This article describes a G3 to G4 journey. Over the past three years, this family and its board have elevated a G4 member to CEO of the family-owned global manufacturing company, transitioning the G3 CEO to Chairman; created a board Governance Committee, transitioning its operating company board of directors to serve the G4 CEO and the company's next era; evolved family governance from G3 to G4; separated assets and governance of the operating company from other family concerns; and structured its family office and family foundation with G4 leaders. The Board’s able work was recently recognized: Family Business Magazine named the MacLean-Fogg Board one of its three top performing fiduciary boards of 2020.

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The Investors First Podcast

Tax Alpha Amid a Changing Tax Regime

Listen to Stuart Lucas & Steve Curley, CFA latest podcast. Their conversation focuses on Stuart Lucas' book, The Taxable Investor's Manifesto: Wealth Management Strategies to Last a Lifetime. We discuss why investors typically treat taxes as an afterthought.

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Profit maximization and retention strategies with Stuart Lucas & Andy Augenblick

Wath "Maximizing your profits by minimizing expenses in investment portfolios and art" with wealth manager Stuart Lucas and art financier and advisor Andy Augenblick.

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