Principals Serving Principals

Wealth Strategist Partners' goal is to generate long-term, measurable investment value for each client.

About Wealth Strategist Partners

Wealth Strategist Partners’ approach has stood the test of time. Our firm began as a single family investment office, managing capital for the Lucas family, formed upon the 1985 sale of the family's business, Carnation Company. WSP became a Registered Investment Advisor in 2011. Today we provide investment and wealth advisory services to a carefully chosen group of like-minded families, still including our founding family.

What We Do

Wealth Strategist Partners (WSP) works with individuals and families of significant wealth and their affiliated investment structures. We hand-make each client relationship, investment portfolio, and communication process.

  • WSP's Senior Investment Professionals are Deeply Experienced

    Each has more than 30 years of investment management and research experience, and uncommon experience with families.

  • We Commit Individualized Attention to Each Relationship

    We develop investment strategy and implementation recommendations based on a nuanced understanding of each client’s specific situation. Within WSP, we make investment decisions collaboratively, providing redundancy and broad perspective to each relationship.

  • We are Unconflicted

    Our firm offers full open architecture for each client’s portfolios. We carefully research each independent third party manager, and no qualified manager is "off limits". We do not manage funds in house.

  • We are Principals Serving Principals

    We serve our clients as we serve our families. The key team members at Wealth Strategist Partners share with clients the experience of long term stewardship of multi-generational wealth.


Taxable investors require a different approach to risk and reward. At Wealth Strategist Partners, we focus on meeting each client's specific objectives: the return that actually accrues to a client net of all forms of friction, not just headline returns.

  • Taxable investors' long term success requires a coordinated approach to investment. Investment value creation, as well as both tax and estate planning value creation, all impact our clients' multi-generational wealth objectives.
  • Potential for investment alpha is most likely found in less efficient markets. We therefore focus our investment research in these areas, mindful that added investment and liquidity risk should be well-compensated after all forms of friction.
  • Too often, friction costs overwhelm value added from public markets security selection. Thus, we recommend low-cost, diversified, tax-efficient portfolios as the central component of clients' investment strategies. Carefully managed tax-loss harvesting can offset realized gains elsewhere in the portfolio.
  • WSP is big enough to provide our clients direct access to institutional markets and to benefit from pricing economies, but is and will remain small enough to work anywhere the opportunity set is attractive, including niches too small to attract institutional capital.
  • We insist on alignment of interest among clients, money managers, other service providers and ourselves.

Serving Our Clients

Principals Serving Principals


    Each client – whether a family which has been wealthy for generations or an entrepreneur creating new wealth – needs a tailor-made solution, rooted in our core investment philosophy, integrating all aspects of wealth management, and providing transparency, accountability, and control.


    Many clients’ assets reside in trust environments with complex governance, and in complicated business and family structures. We are experienced in integrating tax, estate, and trust complexity into investment strategy.


    Some clients come with fully formed family offices; others work with WSP to build needed infrastructure.

Our Experienced Team

WSP’s senior investment professionals are principals with a total commitment to and uncommon experience with families.

Our Leadership has uncommon experience serving families.

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