Advisory Services

Our client relationships address enterprise priorities in family wealth and family business strategy, growth planning, liquidity options, and governance, particularly emphasizing the interplay across disciplines and always with a long term view.

Relationships typically begin when a client anticipates or faces a major transition or situation of material impact within the family enterprise. WSP’s partners have decades of experience guiding families through and beyond such inflection points.

We work with our clients to help develop enduring solutions designed to enable them to be more intentional about, and assert greater control over, their futures. WSP does not provide investment management services or purchase investments for clients, nor do we serve in family business executive roles. Rather, we advise families on putting resources and strategies in place and ensuring effective oversight.

  • Family Financial Assets

    Strategy, governance, and structure for families’ financial assets.

  • Family Business Assets

    Business growth, governance, succession, balance sheet and liquidity advisory for family-owned businesses.

  • Family Cultural Assets

    Family destiny, purpose, and inter-generational planning.


Principals Serving Principals

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